Community & Open Space Studio

The studio go through the lectures from concepts to implementation of a project. Starts from the discussion of the main issue then site analysis, at last is to program and design the site in community scale. Readings, pinups and discussions are required. There’s a field trip visiting the site and other cases and firms of landscape architecture in other cities during the semester.

Landscape Architecture Theory & Practice

This class is basically composed of the discussion between students and teacher or the small groups of students. The topics of the discussions are various, from the perception of the environment to cultural differences among countries.

Another part of this class is case introduction, the cases are all about landscape architecture, and there are several topics defined by the function or meaning of the landscape, for example ecology, security, heritage, etc.

Research Methods

In this course, students are able to learn the procedure about doing a research by listening to others’ researches and the sharing of everyone’s opinions. During these process, students can get the ability to analyze a research, methods of doing a survey, and how to revise their own research method.

Landscapes & Human Health

With teaching of the theory and learning from previous researches, students get to know the relationship between landscape and physiological and psychological benefits. Furthermore, students can get the idea about the research methods of researches in landscape architecture filed. At the end of the semester, students need to bring out a proposal or a literature review to show their ability of doing a research.

Kinesiology and Physical Education

Due to the culture and custom differences, UIUC offers many particular Kinesiology courses. Except for basketball and volleyball, other courses such as weight training, outdoor adventure, canoeing, etc. are very worth trying. In addition, there’s a well-built ice arena on campus, which makes the ice skating class always attractive to local and exchange student.