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Hi guys I’m Wendy, i was graduated from National Chung Hsing University and major in landscape and recreation. My interest is about bringing the greatest benefit to people from nature, which my recent study is about connection to nature through biodiversity environment, hope to explore the health benefits of nature.

Caroline, Kao

Hi, I’m Caroline. I graduated from National Chung Hsing University with Department of Landscape and Recreation. In my opinion, landscape is a amazing place combined with nature and culture for both human and animals. It’s so special and makes me curious  about the relationship between the environment and benefits. I hope l can realize more about the mysteries in these research and apply to the design.

Tang-An, Lee

Hello, I'm Tang-An,Lee. I am a member of lab of Healthy Landscape and Healthy People. My current research subject is about the effect of Vitality in the natural landscapes on Brain Region, hoping to further understand and explore the value of the natural environment for human health.

Mikayla, Pan

Hello, I graduated from Department of Landscape Architecture at Tunghai University. I used to doing the research about the relationship between Low Impact Development and Sustainable Development. Recently, I'm interested about the relationship between landscape and psychology, and have the passion to know more about this field.

Ang, Yeh (Yung)

As a bachelor and graduate student of Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture of National Taiwan University, enjoys exploring the relationship between landscape and flow state, the aesthetic experiences and the art.

As a gym addict and volleyball fanatic, struggles in life filled with nature, exercises and outdoor activities.

Tries to understand most of the people on the planet by means of limited Chinese, English and Spanish language skills.


Amy Chung

Hello,I'm Wen Ling Chung,you can call me Amy. I graduated from National Chung Hsing University, and my major was Horticulture. I like to observe the surroundings and enjoy the interactions with people, hence the study on the connection between environment and humans, the physical and psychological effects caused by landscape on the benefits of human beings interest me especially. And I hope to help the environment in which I grew up with my research.

Hong-Hsuan Lee

Landscape makes people interact with the environment, making our lives more exciting, I have been participated in landscape design and green space planning, learning landscape-related knowledge and skills. During my life of graduate student, I would like to explore more in-depth landscape architecture and gardening, combined with ecology and life in my landscape profession.

Doris Hsu

Hello, My name is Ya-Ju,Hsu. English name is Doris. I graduated from National Chiayi University with the major of Landscape Architecture. I 'm interested in landscape architecture and landscape ecology, During my life of graduate student, I am doing the research about the relationship between supplemental food for wildlife and landscape agricultural. I hope we will be friendly toward wildlife in agriculture because of biodiversity conservation and agricultural sustainability.

Alice Wu

Hi! I am Yen-Chung Wu, or you can also call me Alice. I graduated from National Chung Hsing University and major in Horticulture. I am a new member of lab of Healthy Landscape and Healthy People, and still trying to find my research goals. I'm glad to join  204 lab, and I hope I will have a great master's degree!

Rita Yeh

Landscape Architecture Knowledge helps me to broaden my horizons and enrich my life. First, I participated in the planning and design of public open space in order to benefit the greater number of people possible. Thus, i worked for a nonprofit organization that had the opportunity to study on rural planning and landscape act. And now for I decide to combine my skill and start studying landscape relationship between nature and human beings. “It is to challenge everything. Only then, will it be fulfilled.”

Heidi Ding

My name is YI-NUNG,TING. I'm graduated from NTNU. My hobby is to hiking, walking and traveling. My research is related to the physical and psychological benefits of nature experience and forest recreation. We want to use the scientific evidence to prove the healthy benefit through recreation

Micky Chuang

I graduated from National Chung Hsing University with Department of Horticulture. Now I am studying a Master’s degree in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture in NTU. I am interested in how people get healthy benefits from natural and how can we improve our environment so that we can feel much more comfortable, get more health.

Rachel Lin

I’m Rachel Lin, from Mainland China. During these four years of studies in Taiwan, it came more and more clear to me that my position should be about landscape: it is not just merely making a visual improvement on environment, but moreover a practical solution. Therefore , in the postgraduate studies, I hope to have more professional landscape design capabilities and I wish my direction of research will be related to health and environment.

Una Shu

Hello, I am Yu-Yun Hsu. English name is Una. I am the member of lab of Healthy Landscape and Healthy People. I'm interested in the emotions which are triggered by different environments. And we have known experience natural environment is more healthful than urban. But what relationship between these emotions and the rapid brain responses of human? The answer is still unknown. And this is my research direction.

Joanne Chang

I am a 3nd-year graduate student at Professor Chun-Yen Chang’s laboratory. I got my bachelor's degree from the Department of Horticulture and Landscape architecture, National Taiwan University. Recently I take research on ecological environment, perceived naturalness and attention restoration. I also studied the relationship between creativity and outdoor activities before. I am still working on learning human preference and other benefits about landscape in my graduat

Emily Wu

Chia-Ching is a graduate student in this the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Arch., NTU. Her research interest is landscape ecology, she did the researches of the relationship between the landscape structure in environments and bird diversity, the environments such as urban riverside parks and suburb areas. Now she is working on the review about how heterogeneity in agricultural landscape affects the wildlife.

Annie Lee

Hi, I am Hsin-Tien, Lee, you also can call me Annie. Previous researches have shown that human have a preference for images of natural scenes over built environments, and being in or viewing natural scenes can improve attention and psychological benefits. However, what are the features in the landscapes that produce these benefits? My study topic is focused on the relationship between individuals’ perceptions and the environmental features, and the purpose of this study is to explore the responses of brain activation to natural scenes.

Mia Wang

My research domain is experience flow of landscape creation in brain. Process of creating included flow, being ‘‘in flow’’ is the way that challenges by tackling a series of goals, continuously processing feedback about progress, and adjusting action based on this feedback. The flow of the process related to motivation, autotelic, attention, emotion, memory load. Those are higher cognitive activity and we don’t exactly know which kind of activity bound to the brain. The most fascinate thing to me is ecstasy of spiritual self-forgetfulness stages.

Meng-Xue Wang

My name is Wang Mengxue. I am from Hangzhou, which is located in Zhejiang province in the south of China. I graduated from Northwest A&F University, majored in Landscape Design. Now, I am the fourth year of master's degree student. To research the humor in landscape which is my study direction. In the near future, I hope I have a chance to develop my interest and capability in my hometown. Then I believe I can bring what I learn into full play in my profession field.

Yiping Su


Alice Wu

My name is Yuan-Yu Chang. I am a Ph.D. student in this lab. My current area of research includes healing gardens and beneficial horticulture. As I also have a background in elementary school education, I especially focus in the school environment design. My past research has included: exploring the beneficial effects of gardening for children, design guidelines of outdoor therapeutic environments for children with autism, and the benefits of outdoor activities for children with autism.

Ying-Hsuan Lin

Lin is an experienced researcher of environmental psychology and is now a post-doc fellow. She has conducted extensive applied studies employing principles of attention restoration and landscape ecology in assessing various recreational landscape resources. In her dissertation, she examined the mediation role of personal responses with emotion between greenness and its psychological benefits. Her previous work also focused on attachment components of environmental cognition, the awareness level of restorative environment, and the engagement of leisure activity. She is current especially interested in people-dog -park relationship.

Dissertation: The Influence of Landscape-Emotional Responses on Restorative Benefits

Email: faithmaybe@gmail.com

Wan-Yu Chou

Wan-Yu Chou is a PhD student in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at the National Taiwan University, Taiwan. Her research focuses on a range of topics, including tourism experiences, environmental psychology and benefits of nature. She also has many years of practical experience in urban planning and landscape design. Her professional specialty are leisure management, recreation planning, and therapeutic landscape design.

Shelly Hung

Shelly Hung graduated in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at the National Taiwan University, Taiwan, and now is an assistant in this lab. Her research is about the relationship between flow experience and qi experience in green.

Research Topic:

Effect of Landscape Types on Flow Experience and Qi Experience

Sabrina Shih

I graduated from Department of Landscape Architecture at Tunghai University. During college, discovered that I am interested about the relationship between environment and psychology, and have the passion to know more about this field.

At present, I am serving as an assistant in this lab.


Li-Chih Ho

Li-Chih Ho is an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental and Hazards-resistant Design at Hua-Fan University. His research investigates visual and auditory characters of environment that affect landscape perception and behavior. He also dedicates in the regional creation and community design near his university.

I-Chun Tang

Chun Tang received her Ph.D. from the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at National Taiwan University in 2014. Before she pursued her doctoral degree, she was trained as a landscape architect and had worked as a practitioner for several years. She is now an assistant professor in the General Education Center at Chang Jung Christian University. Her research interests include therapeutic landscape design, human–nature relationship, and landscape perception and evaluation.


Research Topic:

Exploring the Effects of Individual Connection to Nature on Perceptual Evaluation of Natural Landscape

Wei-Chia Su

"How will nature change us when we change nature?" In order to find the balance between healthy people and healthy landscape, I am seeking the answer to this question. I conducted some studies: the relation between protection levels and river water quality, the suitable scales to discuss bird/butterfly biodiversity, the impact of land use disparities to reservoir watershed, and so on.


Research Topic:

Influence of Land Use Change and Spatial Scale on Zoning and Planning Operation

Pei-Yi Weng

Pei-Yi Weng received her Ph.D. from the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at National Taiwan University in 2014. She is interested in how environment effects people to do any activities and improve their health. After graduation, she was teaching in the Shih Hsin University and Huafan University. The courses that she was teaching include environmental planning and outdoor recreation.


Research Topic:

The Influence of Supportive Environment on Residents’ Activity, and Health in Metropolis

Ling Yu

Research Topic:
The Relationship of Dose of Nature on Users’ Psychological Benefits


Research Topic:
The Influence of Visual Attention and Visual Awareness
on Landscape Recovery Benefits

Ying-Ju Lin

Research Topic:
Effects of Landscape on Psychological Response and Brain Region Activity

Leonor Huang

Research Topic:
The influence of horticultural activities on elder’s life


Research Topic:
Theory and Practice for Low Carbon Community Development –A Case Study of the Shuangxi District, New Taipei City


Research Topic:
Psycho-physiological Responses to different Natural Sound Volume in City Acoustic Enviornments

Joyce Lin

Research Topic:
The effect of natural landscape environments on creativity

Yu-Ping Tsai

Research Topic:
Neural Correlates of Landscape Design Creativity: An fMRI Study

Philia Wang

Research Topic:
Landscape Ecological Benefits of Urban Site Greenery

Lin-Hsuan Su

Research Topic:
Benefits of Reflection of Landscape Scene in Movies

Yi Chun Liu

Research Topic:
A Renewable Energy Approach on the Sustainable
Landscape Planning: A Case Study of Aqua Solar Farm

Chia-Yu Huang

Research Topic:
An fMRI study of Brain Response of Landscape Designers’ Spatial Recogniton